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Our customers love Healthy Pigeons Naturally products.  Here are some recent comments we received: 
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From a long-time customer:
I started using Healthy Pigeons Blend in 2006 and found that it kept my young racing pigeons and breeders in super health. I have tried many different products and vitamin/mineral supplements over the years, but none gave my birds the super health that your product has given them. I believe that using your pigeon powder along with a good feeding regime and good training will help make anybody a champion. Be sure to thank your father for coming up with this great formula you call Healthy Pigeons Blend.
        Dennis Weinreich - Hawkbait Lofts - Chico, CA
From a new customer:
This past fall was my first young bird season.  I started with 28 birds that I got from 4 different members of the club I joined.  My birds finished 9th best average speed with 69 flyers in the combine.  My birds were healthy all the way through the 8 races, with many of them flying in most of the 8 races, and two flying in all 8.  That was using Healthy Pigeons Blend at 50% of the recommended dose, a mistake I later corrected.
I cannot help but  think the HP Blend helped my season.  I beat guys in the club with the birds they gave me.  Most of them are heavy into using medications, I am not.  Thanks for everything.
       Name withheld
(Note: Call Dennis if you need some great birds!  He won 1st Average speed, Champion Loft and had 5 of the top 12 birds in the North State Combine for 2013 and 2014 young birds. He's won Ave Speed and Champion Loft in the Paradise Racing Pigeon Club for the last 6 years.  Dennis knows what he is doing.)
Healthy Pigeons Naturally