Healthy Pigeons Blend 
A custom blend of natural ingredients to keep your birds healthy and strong.  Includes Magnetite, Probiotics, De-wormer, Vitamins, Minerals and much more.  Use year round at the recommended dose on your adult birds for best results.  Just 1 Tbsp treats 10 lbs of your favorite feed, so 1.5 lbs of HP Blend will treat about 600 lbs of feed.
Breeder's Special 
A very special product for use when raising young.  Similar to HP Blend, but modified to focus specifically on increasing nutrients in the egg.  Young birds get an enhanced immune system, and extra vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.  The young bird is stronger and better prepared to resist disease and stress.  Use during the mating season.  Just 1 Tbsp treats 10 lbs of your favorite feed.
Probiotics Only
Already in HP Blend, but sold separately for those who want to make their own formulation based upon a high quality Probiotic supplement.  Its purpose is to replace harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract with good bacteria to fight disease and infection. 

Healthy Pigeons Naturally

healthy_pigeons_naturally-2016001008.jpg Healthy Pigeons Naturally
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All of our products use the best ingredients available, are hand-blended in small batches and packaged by hand.  In this way we can ensure quality at every step. Our products do not replace vaccination, and do not stop the spread of viruses. It DOES, however, build your birds' immune system to help fight off infections and illnesses.