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Bob Hambuchen Sr. grew up on a farm in Conway AR where he worked with, and owned livestock. In the mid 1980's he acquired his first racing pigeons, and used his background in Animal Science to study everything he could learn about pigeon health. He visited pigeon flyers across Central and Southern California, and attended conventions, auctions and seminars from California to Florida. It became obvious that while breeding and training is critically important, the most important ingredient for successful birds is HEALTH. He began using a regular treatment with antibiotics as a preventative to keep his birds healthy, and for the most part that worked... but one day his son, a pharmacist noticed the supply of medication and told him he was doing more harm than good by creating bacteria that would be largely immune to antibiotics.

Healthy Pigeons Naturally

He contacted friends in the poultry business, and the major producer of animal feed supplements in the US, and began formulating a feed additive which would keep his birds healthy, without the use of antibiotics or other drugs as a preventative.
Bob found that when his birds were perfectly healthy, he did not need an inventory of medicines.  Over time, he fine-tuned his formula, adding Magnetite to improve homing ability, an all-natural non-toxic de-wormer, and a special ingredient to neutralize poisonous Ammonia that is produced in bird droppings.  Bob Hambuchen retired from keeping pigeons at the age of 84, very proud of his achievements.  He shared his blend for Healthy Pigeons with his many friends around the country who convinced him to market the product over the internet.  Today, his family continues blending and marketing Bob's formula for hundreds of friends and thousands of new customers.
Healthy Pigeons Naturally
Healthy Pigeons Naturally was founded by Bob Hambuchen Sr., a life-long pigeon flyer! 
This website is the only place you can find Bob's original Healthy Pigeons Blend.
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